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Choose your pricing plan

  • Gold Sponsorship

    Sponsorship for a car community event
    Valid for one month
    • Full booth
    • Four (4) reels per event
    • Post two on the SOS page (shared to 10K followers)
    • We will help post all four on your page
  • Venue/Location Sponsorship

    Host S.O.S and have a vibrant community at your location for stronger sales of your product
    Valid for one month
    • 2 events
    • Full social media mentions
    • Full location available on socials
    • Mention of venue sponsorship for more SEO and traffic to y
    • 100+ cars/people per event (an average of 55 people buying
  • Platinum Sponsorship

    The most elite sponsorship for S.O.S events
    Valid for one month
    • Best booth placement
    • 8 reels edited and prepared for you
    • Help with SEO/views on your socials
    • SEO and post collaboration
    • Content will be posted on the S.O.S IG
    • OFFICIAL sponsor on IG
  • Social Media Management For Car Page

    Every month
    Social Media Management for all car companies, dealerships, performance shops, and car washses
    Valid for 3 months
    • 50%-70% Viewership/Impression Increase
    • 10 posts (reels/videos/pictures) per month
    • Full white glove service
    • We write the posts and do the edits for you
    • Promotion for your brand on the SOS IG two times per month
    • Help with driving traffic to your socials
  • Car Dealership Reviews

    More leadgen, better quality sales, and more foot traffic
    Valid for one month
    • DOUBLE your leadgen
    • 5-7 minute videos
    • All videos are edited
    • Professional recording
    • 6 reels for IG
    • 6 Shorts for YouTube Shorts
    • Full video for YouTube (and wherever else you want to post
    • Raw footage without edits
    • SEO (views) help for socials (including hashtag assistance
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